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Tanja Rueckert is President of the Internet of Things and Digital Supply Chain Business Unit at SAP. This year she was voted by IoT Breakthrough as IoT CEO of the Year.

IoT = Delighted Customers

20-Dec-2017 | Tanja Rueckert

Part 6 of the “Manufacturing Value from IoT” series In my last blog, I talked about how granting suppliers access to your manufacturing IoT-enabled data opens up your relationships and potentia

IoT, manufacturing, supply chain

Using The Internet Of Things To Extend Beyond Factory Walls

15-Dec-2017 | Tanja Rueckert

Part 5 of the “Manufacturing Value from IoT” series In my last blog, I talked about how a strong collaboration between information technology (IT) and operations technology (OT) departments incre

Align Technology And Talent To Leverage The Internet Of Things

13-Dec-2017 | Tanja Rueckert

Part 4 of the “Manufacturing Value from IoT” series In my last blog, I talked about the necessary investments manufacturers must make to gain a full IoT transformation. Here, I will talk about

Manufacturing, IoT

Building An IoT Foundation For The Future

7-Dec-2017 | Tanja Rueckert

Part 3 of the “Manufacturing Value from IoT” series In my last blog, I talked about characteristics of manufacturing IoT innovators that help them outperform others in the industry. Here, I wil

Leverage The Internet Of Things

5-Dec-2017 | Tanja Rueckert

Part 2 of the "Manufacturing Value from IoT" series In my last blog, I talked about the main challenge manufacturers face today, and how they can identify and implement IoT opportunities and techno

How Manufacturers Can Kick-Start The Internet Of Things In 2018

1-Dec-2017 | Tanja Rueckert

Part 1 of the "Manufacturing Value from IoT" series IoT is one of the most dynamic and exciting markets I am involved with at SAP. The possibilities are endless, and that is perhaps where the chall

Don’t Let The Digital Revolution Pass You By

26-Oct-2017 | Tanja Rueckert

Blink and you’ll miss it. That’s how quickly revolutionary technologies are transforming businesses today. Before you even realize it, new innovations emerge, are adopted, and disrupt entire indus

IoT, connectivity, IIoT

Linking People, Processes, And Things In IoT Projects

11-Sep-2017 | Tanja Rueckert

Connected devices are definitely the things of the future, but when it comes to adoption and use, some industries are much further ahead than others. According to IDC, companies in manufacturing a

How Thought Leaders Envision The Future Of IoT

14-Aug-2017 | Tanja Rueckert

When researchers assembled the “network of networks” in 1983, they created what would become the modern Internet, something that would forever change business and the world in unknown and exciting

Why Women Must Fill The Data Scientist Demand

10-Jul-2017 | Tanja Rueckert

Every day we hear about more and more jobs disappearing, yet the data science community cannot keep up with unprecedented demand. When you consider the growth of this industry, it’s not surprising t