Savannah Voll

Savannah Voll

About Savannah Voll

Savannah is a product marketing intern at SAP and is in the last year of her undergraduate degree at the University of Waterloo in Ontario, Canada, where she studies social sciences and business. She loves to write, and specializes in translating technical ideas into engaging content.

Radical Innovation And Machine Learning

15-Jul-2019 | Savannah Voll

Innovation may be the calling card of the future, but how can we determine that we’re transforming in the right way? Namely, how can we sustain innovation when the digital pace of change increases e

Exponential Productivity: Why IRPA Is Here To Stay

22-May-2019 | Savannah Voll

Businesses everywhere are using intelligent robotic process automation (IRPA) to become more efficient. IRPA is a technology that allows computer programs to simulate otherwise manual processes in a c