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Sven Denecken is Senior Vice President, Product Management and Co-Innovation of SAP S/4HANA, at SAP. His experience working with customers and partners for decades and networking with the SAP field organization and industry analysts allows him to bring client issues and challenges directly into the solution development process, ensuring that next-generation software solutions address customer requirements to focus on business outcome and help customers gain competitive advantage. Connect with Sven on Twitter @SDenecken or e-mail at

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How Companies Overcome The Three Key Challenges And The Power Of XO

2-May-2019 | Sven Denecken

With the accelerated pace of market and consumer behavior change, companies are exposed. This is especially apparent through the explosion of alternative product offerings for today's consumers, the c

Artificial Intelligence: From Novelty To Practical Workplace Application

24-May-2018 | Sven Denecken

Over the past few years, businesses have pondered what an intelligent workplace powered by artificial intelligence (AI) might look like. Well, the day is finally here, and it’s not as daunting or as

The Cloud Imperative: The Foundation Of A Truly Intelligent Enterprise

17-May-2018 | Sven Denecken

In 1963, the American psychologist and computer scientist J. C. R. Licklider wrote a series of forward-thinking, perhaps even visionary, memos that he addressed to the “Members and Affiliates of the

Top Three Predictions For Enterprise Technology In 2018

9-Jan-2018 | Sven Denecken

I’ve been with SAP for just over a decade now, and during this time I’ve seen the ebbs and flows of all things enterprise tech. In my current role, focused on innovation in cloud technology, the l

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Machine Learning, Manufacturing, Production, And The OODA Loop

27-Dec-2017 | Sven Denecken

U.S. Air Force pilot and researcher John Boyd once proposed a model known as the OODA loop: Observe, Orient, Decide, Act. Boyd suggested that two pilots locked in a battle would constantly need to ob

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Have The Best Procure-To-Pay Processes Already Been Invented?

5-Dec-2017 | Sven Denecken

Charles Howard Duell of the U.S. patent office famously stated in 1899 that “Everything that can be invented, has been invented.” While this notion clearly isn’t accurate, we can all look at man

AI, artificial intelligence

Why Artificial Intelligence Is Not Really Artificial – It Is Very Tangible

5-Sep-2017 | Sven Denecken

The topic of artificial intelligence (AI) is buzzing through academic conferences, dominating business strategy sessions, and making waves in the public discussion. Every presentation I see includes i

Why Now Is The Time To Rethink Your Two-Tier ERP Strategy

5-Dec-2016 | Sven Denecken

Multinational companies directly drive the majority of global business operations. Subsidiaries, dedicated lines of business, acquisitions, or divestitures are often run on the headquarters' ERP syste

Digital Transformation In Service-Enhanced Consumer Products

1-Nov-2016 | Sven Denecken

Digital transformation is a well-known concept these days. The increasing connectivity of people, machines, and businesses has changed the demands of the markets. In order to keep up and stay competit

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Effects Of Digital Transformation On Businesses: Helpful Use Cases

24-Oct-2016 | Sven Denecken

Digital transformation is a well-known concept in today’s business environment. The growing connectivity of people, machines, and businesses has changed market demands. In order to keep up and stay