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Susan Rafizadeh

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Susan Rafizadeh is the director of Global Marketing for Life Sciences Industries at SAP. In her role, she writes publications on innovation topics in the life sciences industry covering pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and biotech as well as looking after life sciences marketing across the globe. Before joining SAP, she led the Customer Relations team at TechniData, a company offering IT solutions for sustainability; here she was responsible for building and developing relationships with future and existing customers. She has more than 15 years’ experience in marketing and communications in various roles, including journalism, being an analyst in an economics institute and content creation and production for specialized conferences, mainly focusing on highly regulated industries.

There Is No Question If Digitalization Will Disrupt Healthcare; The Question Is HOW

27-Jul-2016 | Susan Rafizadeh

"We do healthcare like [it's] the Middle Ages. That’s how the current state of healthcare was described at the first SAP Personalized Medicine Forum, July 6-7, 2016, in Bonn, Germany. To some, thi

IoT In Healthcare: More Than Just A Fancy New Toy

27-Jun-2016 | Susan Rafizadeh

Can technology improve collaboration between doctors, patients, and payers? Yes. The Internet of Things (IoT), health wearables, and health apps all offer this promise. Sensors can send real-time d

How The Internet Of Things Is Disrupting Life Sciences Business Processes

14-Jun-2016 | Susan Rafizadeh

Life sciences companies are in the hot seat. They are held to the highest standards for safety, quality, and efficacy. The burden of achieving these standards falls on the manufacturing department (am

Change Is The New Normal In Life Sciences

4-May-2016 | Susan Rafizadeh

The life sciences industry is changing dramatically. Some blame the change on patent expirations that are reducing margins. However, there are more drivers at work. Patient and provider needs are als

Personalized Medicine: Game-Changer For Life Sciences

29-Jan-2016 | Susan Rafizadeh

Life sciences professionals know that there’s no such thing as business as usual. But the coming years are set to bring even more change than normal, with the rise of personalized medicine ushering