Steve McHugh

Steve McHugh

About Steve McHugh

Steve McHugh is director for BI Enterprise Marketing at SAP. He has a solid background in enterprise performance management and analytics. For the last several years, Steve has been involved in leading marketing efforts for SAP's on-premise enterprise BI solutions. Currently, his focus is on helping enterprise BI customers with their journey to the cloud, extending and expanding their analytics adoption and use by capitalizing on their on-premise investments and data through hybrid analytics.

Is Your Analytics Improving Business Performance?

28-Sep-2018 | Steve McHugh

An April 2018 thought-leadership study by Forrester Consulting and commissioned by SAP makes a clear connection between better business performance and companies transitioning to high-performance anal

Drive Business Growth With A Hybrid Analytics Strategy

18-Apr-2018 | Steve McHugh

Combining the most valuable aspects of on-premises and cloud solutions can be extremely beneficial: utilizing a hybrid strategy for your analytics/BI solution has been shown to improve performance and