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Steve Letford

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Steve Letford is a Senior Account Executive based in Auckland, New Zealand. He has been involved in the transformation of organisations for the past 10 years, with an unwavering passion and deep commitment to the delivery of Innovative business solutions that provide tangible ROI.

What Retailers Can Learn From Amazon To Attract Customers

8-Jan-2019 | Steve Letford

Retail giant Amazon changes the prices of its products 2.5 million times each day, leading to an average product's price changing every 10 minutes. With access to Big Data generated from 200 million u

Must Chatbots Be Voice-Enabled To Improve The Customer Experience?

31-Aug-2018 | Steve Letford

Digital transformation has forged new pathways for customer relations, allowing organizations to reach their target audiences using emerging technologies that provide instant, easy, and relevant custo

Digital Transformation: A Misused And Misunderstood Term?

5-Jun-2018 | Steve Letford

Digital transformation has become a bit of a buzzword. Everybody wants it, but not everybody understands it. Worse, a lot of organizations simply adopt a new system or solution and call it a day, with

Five Benefits To Adopting Blockchain In New Zealand’s Retail Sector

12-Apr-2018 | Steve Letford

According to the World Economic Forum, 10% of global GDP will be accounted for by blockchain technology by 2027. Could the time be ripe for our retail sector to embrace this technology? After resea