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Steve Day

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Steve Day has over 15 years’ experience in Enterprise Software Marketing and Sales, including 8 years with SAP. He presents regularly at customer events including SAPPHIRE NOW, Chief Analytics Officer Forums, ASUG, TechEd, SAP Insider and SAP Innovation Days. Steve is the Product Marketing lead for SAP Leonardo IoT and spends his time helping customers transform their business with SAP solutions for a sustained competitive advantage. When not working with SAP customers Steve and his family can be found climbing and skiing the mountains around Vancouver, Canada.

Experience The New IoT

30-Apr-2019 | Steve Day

The Internet of Things (IoT) has evolved significantly since the term was coined 20 years ago at Procter & Gamble. We have globally connected applications, ecosystems, and billions of IoT devices

How To Unlock The Real Value Of The Internet Of Things

6-Feb-2019 | Steve Day

Internet of Things (IoT) is not a new solution nor a trendy buzzword. In fact, IoT has been around for decades. From oil and gas pipelines to manufacturing lines to hydroelectric dams, we have billion