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Stephen Sparrow

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Stephen Sparrow is the Director of Retail Marketing at SAP. He defines, champions and executes marketing strategies to increase penetration and capture of revenue opportunities across SAP's retail enterprise accounts. He also develops industry advancing and perception enhancing programs to drive brand preference for SAP in the retail community.

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Retail Tomorrow: How Today’s Technology Is Shaping Retail’s Future

3-Jan-2018 | Stephen Sparrow

Do you ever think about tomorrow? Many retailers don’t. They’re too concerned with what’s happening in the moment. They’re too wrapped up in managing their daily business operations or maintai

Illuminated christmas tree on the snow at night

The Ghost Of Retail Future

22-Dec-2017 | Stephen Sparrow

Charles Dickens describes the Ghost of Christmas Future in frightening detail in his book A Christmas Carol. The phantom moves “slowly, gravely, silently,” he writes, scattering “gloom and my