Stefan Weisenberger

About Stefan Weisenberger

Stefan Weisenberger is a Director at SAP, responsible for the Industry Strategy, Industry Solution Definition & Portfolio Management for the Mill Products & Mining Business Unit.

SAP Leonardo, Connected fleets, Mill products, Mining, Internet of Things, Big Data, Digital Suply Network

Empowering Your Vehicles With the Internet of Things

4-Jan-2018 | Stefan Weisenberger

Regardless of your industry, how you manage vehicles presents a wide range of challenges that even seasoned veterans have a hard time grappling with. This could include a company that owns its own fle

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Wonders Of Wood: Transformation In The Forest Products Industry

31-Oct-2017 | Stefan Weisenberger

I am always somewhat annoyed at analyst reports claiming that the mill products industry is less affected by digital transformation than other industries. My experience at a recent executive advisory

The House That Paper Built

11-Aug-2016 | Stefan Weisenberger

I asked my daughter to fold me a paper house. It took a few minutes, and she presented me this beautiful piece of architecture, rather a fast prototype. I recalled the fairy tale of the huffing and