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Dr. Stefan Guertzgen is the Global Director of Industry Solution Marketing for Chemicals at SAP. He is responsible for driving Industry Thought Leadership, Positioning & Messaging and strategic Portfolio Decisions for Chemicals.

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4D Printing: A New Opportunity For The Chemical Industry?

9-Jan-2019 | Stefan Guertzgen

When it first emerged, 3D printing was revolutionary, changing the possibilities of our world and the manufacturing industry. Yet this technology has quickly become mainstream and already proven its r

How Digital Tech Can Help Chemical Manufacturers Capitalize In The Circular Economy

23-Aug-2018 | Stefan Guertzgen

As one of the world’s best-known manufacturers of the rolling rubber objects that populate landfills by the millions — automotive tires, specifically — Michelin seemingly was destined for a role

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How Chemical Companies Can Become Intelligent Enterprises

3-Jul-2018 | Stefan Guertzgen

With digital disruption changing our world, chemical companies are facing challenges to their processes and business models. How can they adapt and thrive? Leading companies in the chemical industry a

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Four Trends That Will Define The Chemical Industry’s Future

9-May-2018 | Stefan Guertzgen

The Chinese zodiac calendar says it’s the Year of the Dog, but in the chemicals industry, 2018 might be more appropriately dubbed the Year of the Tiger for the pace at which the business is changing

Innovation In The Chemical Industry: Real-World Examples

25-Apr-2018 | Stefan Guertzgen

A recent S.M.A.C. Talk Technology Podcast delves into the trends that make the global chemical industry tick and how its progressive use of technology appears to be reshaping grassroots businesses wit

Smart Cities And The New Role Of Chemical Companies In The Digital Economy

6-Apr-2018 | Stefan Guertzgen

According to Wikipedia, a ”smart city” is an urban development that integrates information and communication technology (ICT) and Internet of things (IoT) technology in a secure fashion to manage

Digital Transformation Drives Convergence Of Platforms And Standards

12-Mar-2018 | Stefan Guertzgen

In mid-February, I attended the ARC Forum in Orlando, Fla. There was a strong emphasis on digital transformation as well as platforms and standards supporting it. Within the digital transformatio

Six Ways Blockchain Impacts The Chemical Industry

6-Mar-2018 | Stefan Guertzgen

Changes in technology provide an opportunity for growth and development in any industry. The challenge is identifying the right tools to obtain the goals of the business. Understanding the impact of a

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How Can IoT And Machine Learning Boost Chemical Companies To The Next Level?

27-Feb-2018 | Stefan Guertzgen

If chemical companies want to stay competitive in a changing world, they need to rapidly adopt innovative technologies. Incorporating IoT – especially combining IoT with machine learning – can mov

Major Trends For The Chemical Industry In 2018

18-Dec-2017 | Stefan Guertzgen

As we approach the end of the year, it is time to look into next year’s trends and drivers for the chemical industry. Here are three major trends that will drive the chemical industry in 2018: