Sourajit Ghosh (SG)

Sourajit Ghosh (SG)

About Sourajit Ghosh (SG)

Sourajit Ghosh (SG) is a Chief Expert Presales, Business Architect & Experience Management Ambassador in SAP, focusing on Digital Transformation, Customer Experience, CRM, E-Commerce, Cloud Computing, Business Consulting and Enterprise Architecture. Sourajit has served a number of roles at SAP including PreSales, Value Advisor, Business Process Consultant, Enterprise Architect, Mentor, Solution Captain, Thought Leadership, and Expert Speaker in Events.

Enterprise Data Strategy Driven By Business Outcomes

13-May-2020 | Sourajit Ghosh (SG)

We live now in the zettabyte era. A zettabyte (ZB) is a measurement unit of data, and 1 ZB equals 1021 bytes. To understand the magnitude of just 1 ZB, consider this: according to Cisco, in 2016, we p

Living Through A Crisis

24-Mar-2020 | Sourajit Ghosh (SG)

While mentoring a new recruit in the police force, Louise Penny's fictional chief inspector Armand Gamache said, "There are four sentences we learn to say and mean." Gamache then held up his hand as a

Customer Experience: Outcome-Driven Business Strategy

5-Mar-2020 | Sourajit Ghosh (SG)

As your organization is trying to win your market by transforming your business to provide the best-ever customer experience, it becomes extremely critical to shape your business strategy by focusing

The Importance Of Understanding The True Nature Of Stress

23-Jan-2020 | Sourajit Ghosh (SG)

When I submitted my first case study in my MBA program, my professor glanced through my lengthy submission in a few seconds and returned it back to me immediately, saying I had failed and needed to re

Key Business And Technology Trends In 2020 For Enterprises

8-Jan-2020 | Sourajit Ghosh (SG)

As we move deeper into the new year, here some of the key business and technology trends that are shaping the enterprise world in 2020. Blockchain As organizations start building more expertise and

The Magic Of Enterprise Experience Strategy

12-Nov-2019 | Sourajit Ghosh (SG)

Sir Arthur C. Clarke once said, “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." Let’s explore what creates magic in this new age of the experience economy and how organizat

Strategic Sales Go-To-Market Design

24-Sep-2019 | Sourajit Ghosh (SG)

It’s that time of the year. As a sales leader, you are actively monitoring the health of your business, focusing on sales closures in the last quarter of the year, at the same time you have an eye o

Business Strategy Model For Experience Management

9-Jul-2019 | Sourajit Ghosh (SG)

Organizations have excelled and grown by providing an excellent experience for their customers, employees, suppliers, and supply chain. Every business has tried to blend operational efficiency with th

Configure, Price, And Quote: Supporting An Integrated Value Chain

22-May-2019 | Sourajit Ghosh (SG)

To provide customers a seamless and compelling customer experience, your organization's entire value chain must function as a single entity. Integrating configure price quote (CPQ) solutions into your

Looking Through The Prism Of Intelligent Enterprise

7-Jan-2019 | Sourajit Ghosh (SG)

In 2019, let's try to observe light differently. Newton’s experiment in 1666 of passing light through a prism created a paradigm shift in the world of physics and had paramount importance to mankin