Sophie Wade

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Supporting The Growing World Of Independent Contractors: Standard Components of All Future Careers

11-Jul-2017 | Sophie Wade

Freelancing and consulting are the core employment options for over 35 million Americans – some involuntarily, but a growing number of people are voluntarily making this work-related lifestyle choic

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Art Vs. Science: Harness The Creativity Of Your Organization Through Technology

3-Mar-2017 | Sophie Wade

The art of transformation. Technology is becoming more deeply embedded and integrated into companies’ core functions and operating practices in addition to being a facilitating tool. However, it is

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Creating New Full-Time Job Models: Exploring Innovative Routes To Modified Definitions of Employment Stability

16-Feb-2017 | Sophie Wade

The future is about income, not jobs. Historically, financial stability was tied to having one secure job at one corporation for decades. Now, the inverse will be true. A new definition of stability

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Transform Your Company For The Future of Work – Four Areas To Hack In 2017!

15-Dec-2016 | Sophie Wade

Hacking is a mindset, as well as a way to indicate a new, practical, and tactical approach being applied to a topic. The term has evolved from being associated with shadowy tech activity to mean – t

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The Soft Side Of Big Data: How Mount Sinai Leverages Technology To Enhance The Employee Experience

18-Nov-2016 | Sophie Wade

Technology has come a long way. We have gone from high tech to high touch – developing from mechanical machines, desktops, and laptops to touch pads and smartphones. We are now striving to evolve in

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The Corporate Fitbit: Monitoring Your Company’s Health, Turnover, And The Employee Feedback Loop

1-Nov-2016 | Sophie Wade

The fitness tracker wearables market is already $4 billion strong. Clearly, wellness-related monitoring makes sense – from individuals’ personal health and fitness goals, to caregivers’ and phys

Does Your Leadership Have What it Takes To Succeed In The Digital Economy?

31-Oct-2016 | Sophie Wade

The “reality” of business is in flux, with technology as a primary driver. Digital transformation has taken over as the resounding phrase, which has emerged as our digital economy awaits the funda

Millennial Reality: Technology, Meaning, And Management Unburdened By Legacy

5-Oct-2016 | Sophie Wade

Millennials approach things differently. Unburdened by “traditional” perspectives, they are freer to consider unlimited possibilities and unconstrained opportunities. When challenges arise, they m

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Productivity And Performance With A Distributed Workforce: Control, Choice, And Communication

24-Aug-2016 | Sophie Wade

Face-to-face time is so 1990s. We used to use technology to bridge gaps mainly with traveling employees or select distant vendors and partners. Today we need to facilitate daily dialog and collaborat

Riding A Dinosaur: Are You Resisting Or Embracing The Future Of Work? 

18-Jul-2016 | Sophie Wade

Just as in the Pleistocene Era, when the most recent Ice Age started, we are currently experiencing a confluence of forces that is bringing about undeniable, unavoidable, and transformative change. So