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Simon Grace

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Simon Grace brings both consulting and social entrepreneurship experience from various countries across the Asia-Pacific region. As a member of the SAP industry value engineering team, Simon helps organisations within healthcare, aged care, and medical research move forward on their digital road map – from modernising and digitising operations to creating competitive business models accessible through new technologies.

Healthcare HR: Three Important Trends

31-Aug-2017 | Simon Grace

The healthcare industry relies on a highly skilled, highly educated, high-cost, and highly in-demand workforce that literally makes life-or-death decisions every day. For that reason, the role of huma

3 New Models Of Healthcare: The Pressures Of Going Digital

16-Aug-2017 | Simon Grace

We all know the Australian Health Landscape is changing. We have a rapidly growing aging population, causing a strain on the health system to manage the myriad of chronic illnesses that come with long

Five Promising Augmented And Virtual Reality Innovations In Healthcare

31-Jul-2017 | Simon Grace

Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) are two mega trends driving investment from many of the large technology companies, including Google, SAP, Microsoft, Facebook, and Apple. There is a la