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Simon Davies is a London-based freelance writer with an interest in startup culture, issues, and solutions. He works explores new markets and disruptive technologies and communicates those recent developments to a wide, public audience. Simon is also a contributor at,, and Follow Simon @simontheodavies on Twitter.

AI, artificial intelligence, translation services, machine learning

Artificial Intelligence Is Changing The Translation Industry. But Will It Work?

6-Jul-2018 | Simon Davies

Artificial intelligence (AI) has infiltrated numerous aspects of our lives in recent years, thanks to improvements in the field of machine learning, where computers ostensibly program themselves. This

emerging economies, international markets. business growth. business expansion

Don’t Forget These Audiences When Taking Your Business Global

29-Jun-2018 | Simon Davies

With the Internet making it easier than ever for companies to trade across the world, more and more businesses are going global. This can give businesses improved access to a much wider audience, pote

retail, supply chain, logistics, warehouse, same day delivery

How To Ready A Supply Chain For Same-Day Delivery

8-Jun-2018 | Simon Davies

Over half all North American retailers now offer same-day delivery. The reasons for this are clear: According to a 2018 global survey from PwC, 88% of consumers are willing to pay for same-day (or fas

corporate culture, employee satisfaction, leadership, management, productivity, HR, retention

Why Corporate Culture Can Make Or Break Your Business

23-Feb-2018 | Simon Davies

Many business owners focus their efforts on numbers. Margins, profits, savings, overheads. While these things are important, they may be far less important than we are led to believe. Leaders can get

Your Business Needs People With Skills, Not Just Qualifications

13-Sep-2017 | Simon Davies

New graduates have a huge amount of potential for businesses: They are ready to mold, offer new perspectives to the company, and are more affordable than candidates with experience. New hires fresh ou

Saving The World’s Treasure: Can Technology Stop Pirates?

31-Jul-2017 | Simon Davies

When you hear the word pirates, you might think of eye patches, crosses on maps, parrots on shoulders, or all of the above in a Disney movie. Despite the fact that the fictional kind of pirate has tho

Will Technology Make Custom Clothing More Affordable?

26-Jun-2017 | Simon Davies

From tech startups to e-commerce titans, the quest is on to bring custom-made clothing to a new generation whose income would usually prevent them from being able to afford it. Bespoke clothing tends

car sales, automobile, social media

How Social Media Has Changed The Automobile Industry

20-Jun-2017 | Simon Davies

Cars have changed a lot since the Ford Model T first rolled onto the market. But along with the vehicles themselves, the way the automobile industry sells cars has changed too, and it’s largely than

Freelancer student working from laptop on rooftop

How Employees’ Roles In The Gig Economy Are Being Redefined

14-Jun-2017 | Simon Davies

Given the vast numbers of workers employed on a gig-to-gig basis, it’s not surprising that corporations and big brands are redefining the management of gig and contracted workers, whether to protect

Tackling The Digital Language Divide

23-Feb-2017 | Simon Davies

In the first years of the World Wide Web, the first language of the Internet was almost exclusively English. By the mid 1990s, it was estimated that English made up four-fifths of all online content.