Silke Jakobi

Silke Jakobi

About Silke Jakobi

Silke Jakobi is the Solution Director for Cloud Industry Solutions in the Higher Education and Research Industry Business Unit at SAP. She is passionate about driving the user experience and design approach and uncovering opportunities for new innovations. Silke is responsible for adapting the SAP strategy to the current needs of universities and research organizations, especially the SAP solution portfolio designed specifically for the industry. Silke’s team focuses on industry-specific solutions such as SAP Student Activity Hub, SAP Student Lifecycle Management and Research Management, and the latest mobile and cloud solutions from SAP. Together with her team, she uncovers opportunities for innovation related to emerging technologies including the Internet of Things, machine learning and artificial intelligence.

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Discovery Of Things: Discover And Connect Information For Research

15-Mar-2018 | Silke Jakobi

During their entire campus life, students and researchers are asked to discover, investigate, and analyze data to inform their work. There is plenty of data to be discovered, but is this discovery int