Sharif Maghraby

Sharif Maghraby

About Sharif Maghraby

A globally certified Egyptian coach, keynote speaker and trainer specializing in the areas of design thinking, innovation and positive psychology. Sharif is currently Lead Innovation Coach at Winnovate (DXB). He is also recognized as a SME in the media industry with 25+ years of experience in broadcasting, content creation, digital media and music.

The Coach As Design Thinker

14-Nov-2018 | Sharif Maghraby

When I first realized the true meaning and power of coaching, I was amazed at how little I knew about the art of asking powerful questions. Sure, I had studied communication and psychology in univ

Super Meetings: More Effective, Productive, And Collaborative

3-Oct-2018 | Sharif Maghraby

9:57 a.m. The core strategy team arrives in the meeting room. The IT guys are busy testing the projector and making sure the video conferencing connections are seamless. The boss is already anxious an