Shane Finlay

Shane Finlay

About Shane Finlay

Shane Finlay is the Chief Value Executive for SAP UK Consumer Industries, facilitating complex transformations and creating new revenue streams for customers. As a thought leader, design thinker, change agent and team builder, Shane owns the trust equation with his clients to help them innovate and grow. Shane has helped many companies maximise the value from new business models and processes through excellence in storytelling and stakeholder management.

How Can Technology Reprogram The High Street?

27-Feb-2019 | Shane Finlay

When was the last time you had a day out on the High Street? If you’re like me, it was probably quite a while ago. We’re continually reminded, most recently by the financial woes of High Street

Social Commerce Will Change The World – Here’s How To Get It Right

8-May-2018 | Shane Finlay

I’ve heard social commerce described as "the intersection between social media and e-commerce." That’s a good analogy, but that intersection right now is a very crowded place, and no one is direct