Shane Finlay

Friends outside cafe looking down at smart phone.

Social Commerce Will Change The World – Here’s How To Get It Right

8-May-2018 | Shane Finlay

I’ve heard social commerce described as "the intersection between social media and e-commerce." That’s a good analogy, but that intersection right now is a very crowded place, and no one is direct

Business In The Digital Age: Four Imperatives

2-Aug-2017 | Shane Finlay

Retailing used to be so simple—open a store, source products, buy one, sell one, and repeat. However, things look rather different today as the rise in digital has revolutionized the way retailer

Omnichannel: The Prize Jewel In The Customer Experience

27-Jul-2017 | Shane Finlay

In a digital world where the swift and often brutal evaluation of retailers is continuous and transparent, consumer experience matters—a lot. Not just because it’s good for sales or brand image, b