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Shailendra has been on a quest to help organisations make money out of data and has generated an incremental value of over one billion dollars through analytics and cognitive processes. With a global experience of more than two decades, Shailendra has worked with a myriad of Corporations, Consulting Services and Software Companies in various industries like Retail, Telecommunications, Financial Services and Travel - to help them realise incremental value hidden in zettabytes of data. He has published multiple articles in international journals about Analytics and Cognitive Solutions; and recently published “Making Money out of Data” which showcases five business stories from various industries on how successful companies make millions of dollars in incremental value using analytics. Prior to joining SAP, Shailendra was Partner / Analytics & Cognitive Leader, Asia at IBM where he drove the cognitive business across Asia. Before joining IBM, he was the Managing Director and Analytics Lead at Accenture delivering value to its clients across Australia and New Zealand. Coming from the industry, Shailendra held key Executive positions driving analytics at Woolworths and Coles in the past. Please feel to connect on: Linkedin: Twitter:

Are Drones Changing The Way We Live?

5-Nov-2019 | Shaily Kumar

The term “drone” simply refers to an unmanned aerial vehicle or machine; considering this definition, the earliest man-made unmanned aerial vehicle was a hot air balloon used for bombardment in 18

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17-Apr-2019 | Shaily Kumar

In the resolutely unpredictable global marketplace, the financial services sector is confronted with a rapidly evolving backdrop, as the industry's speed of change continues to accelerate. These chall

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24-Oct-2018 | Shaily Kumar

Part 3 in a 3-part series on A Digital Supply Chain for a Digital Economy Every year in May, SAP customers and partners come together in Orlando, Florida for SAPPHIRE NOW – the SAP user conferen

A Day In The Life Of The Digital Supply Chain: A Customer’s Perspective

17-Oct-2018 | Shaily Kumar

Part 2 in a 3-part series on "A Digital Supply Chain for a Digital Economy" In my previous blog, we dove into the emerging technologies that support the digital supply chain at the core of the int

Emerging Tech And The Digital Supply Chain

10-Oct-2018 | Shaily Kumar

Part 1 in the 3-part series "Digital Supply Chain for a Digital Economy" At SAP, we define an intelligent enterprise as an organization that uses data to achieve higher value outcomes – faster an

The Challenge Of Analytics Growth In The Public Sector

26-Apr-2018 | Shaily Kumar

Although the opportunities to apply analytics in the public sector are abundant, cultural and technical challenges must be overcome before government agencies can claim to be fully developed, enterpri

The Importance Of Analytics In The Public Sector

17-Apr-2018 | Shaily Kumar

Analytics is an important and rapidly developing business functionality that is used by increasing numbers of organizations around the world. Reflecting this trend, government agencies and departments

The Differences Between Machine Learning And Predictive Analytics

15-Mar-2018 | Shaily Kumar

Many people are confused about the specifics of machine learning and predictive analytics. Although they are both centered on efficient data processing, there are many differences. Machine learning

Robotic Process Automation Across Industries

8-Mar-2018 | Shaily Kumar

Robotic process automation (RPA) is the application of software and technology with the use of artificial intelligence to carry out repetitive tasks quickly, tirelessly, and accurately. It enables yo

Four Retail Technology Trends To Take Off In 2018

13-Feb-2018 | Shaily Kumar

Over the past few years, technology has seen a significant shift from cyclical, invention-led spending on point solutions to investments targeting customer-driven, end-to-end value. The next wave of d