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Serge Kogan

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Serge Kogan is a value consultant at SAP Concur, where he has been working with current clients for over three years as a customer engagement executive. Prior to joining Concur, Serge’s career spans over 20 years, advising clients as part of iSuppli, a business intelligence firm serving participants in the electronics industry value chain, spearheading Latin America business as general manager of Interleaf’s Latin America group, and as a finalist in Mass Challenge, a start-up accelerator. Serge holds an MBA from the University of Rochester, and Master and Bachelor degrees in engineering from Cornell University. His current interests include spend management, global expansion and localization, digital transformation, cloud services best practices, and integration with partners.

Attain Desired Business Outcomes With Intelligent Spend Management

6-Nov-2019 | Serge Kogan

In our ongoing customer improvement series, we’ve discussed how employee spend is changing, tips for mitigating fraud, why you should be controlling low-level spend, and the power of corporate a

How To Maximize Visibility Of Low-Level And Travel Spend

19-Jun-2019 | Serge Kogan

Spend on travel and expense is often one of the largest for organizations, typically falling second behind payroll, according to Jupiter Research. Low-level spend, also referred to as tail spend,

Use Corporate Cards And P-Cards To Gain Visibility And Control Of Employee Spend

10-Jun-2019 | Serge Kogan

How can companies better manage employee-initiated spend? One way is to use corporate cards and purchasing cards (P-cards) to facilitate unstructured spend visibility and control. This approach offers

Use These Best Practices And Tips For A Fraud Mitigation Program

3-Jan-2019 | Serge Kogan

In part one of this series, we defined employee-initiated spend and enumerated a number of areas affecting its management. In this article, we'll focus on potential fraud, intentional and accidenta

How CFOs Can Manage Out-Of-Control Employee Spend

13-Nov-2018 | Serge Kogan

How we buy for business is changing. Spend categories formerly under company control have shifted to employee control, creating havoc on managed travel and expense programs. In the coming months, we w