Sebastian Wieczorek

Sebastian Wieczorek

About Sebastian Wieczorek

Dr. Sebastian Wieczorek serves as Head of the Leonardo Machine Learning Foundation, SAP’s technology platform which helps companies to develop and consume AI capabilities. In addition, he is a key spokesperson for AI and member of SAP’s AI ethics steering board which provides company-wide guidelines on how to apply AI in a human-centric way. Sebastian is member of the Enquete Commission on AI of the German Bundestag, board member at Bitkom’s AI working group, member of the steering board of the EU-project SHERPA, which conducts research on ethical questions in regard to the use of AI, and serves as an academic expert and reviewer for the European Commission and the German Ministry of Education and Research. In previous positions at SAP, Sebastian coordinated all startup engagement activities of the SAP Innovation Center Network, including the scouting of companies for partnering and M&A, the mentoring of startups at accelerators like TechStars, Startupbootcamp, Seedcamp and, as well as representing SAP at the German Startups Association. While at SAP Research, Sebastian managed EU-funded research projects and led the "Application Engineering Group".

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Should You Trust AI To Influence Business Decisions And Drive Automation?

4-Dec-2018 | Sebastian Wieczorek

Innovation is the cornerstone of progress, but as Alfred Nobel’s invention of dynamite reminds us, new discoveries always carry benefits and risks. As organizations are infusing business processes