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Scott Campbell is a senior IT channel communications specialist at CommCentric Solutions, a Tampa, Fla.-based content marketing company, where he writes blogs, research reports and other content on a regular basis. Prior to that, he spent more than 20 years as a journalist, most recently as an editor at CRN magazine, where he earned several national writing awards.

When Is A Norwegian Salmon A Norwegian Salmon?

27-Jun-2019 | Scott Campbell

Atlantic salmon has long been a vital part of Norway’s economy, an industry that generates more than $7 billion annually, according to Statistics Norway. The Scandinavian country of just 5 million p

United VARs Brings Fresh Water To Students In Cambodia

24-Jun-2019 | Scott Campbell

Clean water is something most of us don’t think twice about. You turn on the tap or open a bottle, and there it is. But that’s not the case for more than 800 million people worldwide. In addition,

Another Food Recall? Here’s How It Can Be Prevented

11-Apr-2019 | Scott Campbell

When the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention took the unusual step of warning people not to eat romaine lettuce last November, it was a rare and dramatic measure for the agency to take. 

Intelligent Enterprise Makes Drugs Safer Through Improved Patient Outcome Analysis

5-Feb-2019 | Scott Campbell

Pharmaceutical drugs are designed to work wonders – alleviating pain and curing illnesses. But a lot can go wrong without a complete understanding of all the side effects a drug can have on each pe

AI And Machine Learning Supports Improved, Safer Public Housing

30-Jan-2019 | Scott Campbell

Public and subsidized housing has long suffered from myriad systemic problems – including many apartments in need of repairs, overworked housing inspectors, and budgetary restraints – and it doesn

Accenture Taps Virtual Reality To Improve The Lives Of Amputees

5-Oct-2018 | Scott Campbell

More than 1 million people each year have a limb amputated. This is a traumatic surgery, which is often followed by a long, grueling rehabilitation process to help patients overcome both the physical

Ensuring A Healthy Future At The Nelson Mandela Children’s Hospital

11-Sep-2018 | Scott Campbell

Quality healthcare is something many take for granted, but access to doctors and medicine in developing countries is not guaranteed. In fact, in some situations, healthcare is difficult to find. Th

Social Coin AI Platform Rewards Actions That Improve Lives

5-Sep-2018 | Scott Campbell

It’s not easy to create something that makes a positive impact on people all around the world. Ivan Caballero has done it. Twice. Caballero is CEO and founder of Social Coin, a Barcelona-based orga

Self-Rating Gives SMEs A Complete Financial Picture For The First Time

9-Jul-2018 | Scott Campbell

Small and midsize enterprises (SMEs) are a bit of an enigma, and more than a few business owners – and investors – have been driven crazy trying to determine how a company compares to competitors

Itron Strives To Save Every Drop Of Water

2-Jul-2018 | Scott Campbell

Water is the most precious resource on Earth — just ask the 844 million people globally that do not have regular access to a safe water supply. Knowing this shortage, it’s almost inconceivabl