Sarah Harvey

Sarah Harvey

About Sarah Harvey

Sarah Harvey is the Deputy Head of Strategy & Operations, Global Corporate Affairs at SAP. She focuses on engaging highly relevant influencers, cultivating skills, and ensuring operational excellence to drive overall success. She also drives integrated strategy, messaging, and content for communications campaigns on the topics of healthcare, sports, and youth.

The Future Of Medicine: Mass Customization

16-May-2016 | Sarah Harvey

A century ago, Henry Ford transformed the world with the Model T, the first mass-produced automobile. As other retail giants quickly realized the benefits of mass production, more goods became afforda

Precision Medicine: A New Social Contract For Healthcare

10-May-2016 | Sarah Harvey

Data flows freely in the sharing economy. Today’s consumers can access and share data at the click of a button, and businesses – from banking to transportation to retail – can use that data to p

The True Value Of Internships

25-Jun-2015 | Sarah Harvey

School’s out, and it’s officially intern season. My first internship was the summer after my sophomore year of college. It was an unpaid, part-time position at a staffing firm, and my days consis