Saquib Ahmad

Saquib Ahmad

About Saquib Ahmad

Saquib Ahmad has more than more than 19 years’ experience in leading successful sales teams in the Telco & IT industry in Pakistan. Saquib is a pro-active & dynamic, sales team head with experience in driving the sales growth in a highly competitive market. Adept at driving growth of company revenues and improving sales team’s performance. Exceptional in building new business, securing customer loyalty and forging strong relationships with external business partners.

Driving Transformation In Pakistan Through Automation

27-Jun-2018 | Saquib Ahmad

Automation holds the key to radically empowering several sectors of Pakistan’s economy. From manufacturing and agriculture to services and logistics, technology can enhance the capacities, efficienc

Predictive Analytics Could Offer Intelligence-Led Economic Progress

27-Mar-2018 | Saquib Ahmad

In mature markets, predictive analytics has been proven to transform business data into actionable insights for enterprises to build their future growth plans. An advanced facet of business intelligen