Samir Damag

Samir Damag

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Samir Damag is solution manager for the Mining and Metals Industry Business Unit at SAP. He is responsible for assessing customer and market requirements and supporting mining and metals strategy for SAP. Through co-innovation projects with customers and partners, he is discovering key trends and best practices in the application of new technologies for the mining and metals industry.

Robots Enhance Digital Mining Safety, Performance, And Profits

6-Apr-2016 | Samir Damag

Advances in robotics and automation are changing the way mining operations run in dramatic and transformative ways. Automation is reducing operating costs and improving safety. Across all areas of 

Digital Business Changes How Mine Workers Dig Into Their Work

30-Mar-2016 | Samir Damag

Mining evokes images of men in hard hats, headlamps lit, covered in dust as they trudge through mines. Soon those images may be replaced by ones of workers poring over computer printouts as they gui

The Digital Mine: Automation, Tech, Big Data, And Analytics Fuel Growth

23-Mar-2016 | Samir Damag

Rapid change is happening in the mining industry, as companies assess how to use new technology and embrace digital transformation. Analytics programs capture and crunch data from many sources an