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About Ruud Willemsen

Ruud is managing the go-to-market strategy & commercial success of supplier management and supplier risk solutions within the SAP Ariba portfolio, focussing on the European region.

supplier risk, supply chain, GRC, financial services, risk, fraud, third-party supplier risks

Supplier Risk Management In Financial Services: Overcoming The Dangers

31-Oct-2018 | Ruud Willemsen

The rise of third-party outsourcing has helped the financial services industry innovate and boost efficiency and earnings. Yet fallout from risk-related incidents has shot up as well, while research s

Why Netflix Went From DVD Services To Internet Streaming

16-May-2016 | Ruud Willemsen

“You have got to shoot, otherwise you can't score.” –Johan Cruyff Johan Cruyff was a Dutch professional football player and coach whose many brilliant quotes prove he was football’s ul


4 Reasons Why The B2B Payment Process Is Going To Change

9-Sep-2015 | Ruud Willemsen

Let's be honest: B2B payment is complicated, much more complicated than payments made by consumers. You're often dealing with timing issues caused by a changing payment term, while a payment run often