Ruth Eberhart

Ruth Eberhart

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Ruth is the global solution owner for the Postal Industry at SAP. She is a member of the SAP Industry cloud team for Future Cities and is responsible for development and execution of the SAP Postal Services strategy, definition of the solution direction, roadmap and customer/partner co-innovation.

Swiss Post Revolutionizes Pharma Shipments With Blockchain And The Internet Of Things

30-Jan-2019 | Ruth Eberhart

How can you transport temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals through the regular parcel channel and be sure that the medication is viable when it reaches its destination? This was the challenge set for

How The Postal Industry Can Deliver Connectivity In Cities Of The Future

5-Feb-2018 | Ruth Eberhart

[no_syndicate_info][/no_syndicate_info] Rapid technological change has resulted in a variety of new delivery services in the postal industry. These changes and consumer habits have forced postal co