Rushenka Perera

Rushenka Perera

About Rushenka Perera

Rushenka is Head of Marketing at SAP ANZ.

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San Francisco 49ers: How Real-Time Analytics Enhances The Fan Experience

10-Apr-2019 | Rushenka Perera

Intelligent technology is simplifying the way businesses operate and streamlining various backend operations to present a more seamless customer experience. In a recent podcast, I caught up with with

Marketing In The Experience Economy

6-Mar-2019 | Rushenka Perera

There has been a clear shift in economics that has seen companies changing the way they do business and engaging with customers through enhanced services and experiences as part of the buying process.

Is Segmentation The Ghost Of Marketing Past?

2-Aug-2018 | Rushenka Perera

In 1956, Wendell R. Smith revolutionized marketing by introducing his theory of segmentation. At the time, most marketers focused on making their products more appealing than their competitors. Smith

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How To Humanize Marketing In The Age Of Artificial Intelligence

25-Apr-2018 | Rushenka Perera

Marketing is not something you do at people. It’s something you do for people. More importantly, it’s something you must do for the individual instead of the masses. Automation and AI help us m

Three Ways Artificial Intelligence Can Boost Your Marketing

28-Feb-2018 | Rushenka Perera

As artificial intelligence becomes a reality, thought leaders like Stephen Hawking and Elon Musk have said we should fear for our survival. Their concerns are credible. AI is already replacing us in