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Rosina Geiger

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Rosina Geiger is the Director of Startup Engagement at SAP. She has worked at the Hasso Plattner Institute in Potsdam before joining SAP in 2016 to establish the SAP IoT Startup Accelerator in Berlin and Palo Alto.

Eye Candy: How Visual Interfaces Boost Productivity

16-Jul-2018 | Rosina Geiger

Munich-based startup 4tiitoo is unlocking the potential of eye tracking and artificial intelligence (AI) technology for a whole new way of working—from the office to the manufacturing floor. In t

The Living, Breathing Factory

12-Jul-2018 | Rosina Geiger

Instead of reinventing the assembly line, Ingolstadt, Germany-based startup arculus is abolishing it—and replacing it with a revolutionary modular production concept. It’s the end of the factory a

From Data Mining To Gold Mining

11-Jul-2018 | Rosina Geiger

The Acerta platform is unlocking the hidden value in production data and transforming it into actionable insight. It’s cutting manufacturer’s warranty costs by 30%—and saving millions of dollars

Neuron Soundware: The Machine Whisperer

6-Jul-2018 | Rosina Geiger

Neuron Soundware uses artificial intelligence (AI) to listen to a machine’s sounds, analyzing and interpreting them inside a "digital brain" to identify emerging breakdowns so humans can prevent the

Human Interface Mate: A Virtual Guardian Angel

5-Jul-2018 | Rosina Geiger

Belgian startup Arkite is empowering manufacturing operators by offering a 3D workspace that helps them work more efficiently, avoid costly errors, and reduce stress. Over the past decade, robots h

Improving Workplace Safety With IoT

23-May-2018 | Rosina Geiger

From factories, plant facilities, and construction sites to warehouses, airports, and oil rigs (and a lot more), there is hardly a shortage of worksite environments that pose potential danger to worke

Humans And Robots Collaborate In Today’s Warehouses

1-Mar-2018 | Rosina Geiger

As the economy picks up, retails sales grow, and more customers demand fast home delivery, warehouses face more demand than ever before. This past Christmas season (2017), for example, Amazon reported