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Roger Noia

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Roger Noia is the director of Solution Marketing, SAP Jam Collaboration, at SAP. He is responsible for product marketing and sales enablement for our dedicated sales team as well as the broader SAP sales force selling SAP Jam.

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The Importance Of Integrating The Human Element Into Digital Transformation

19-Apr-2017 | Roger Noia

Digital technology in all its various forms is changing the way organizations work across all aspects of the business. But even if processes and functions are streamlined, simplified, automated, augme

Fueling Growth With Knowledge-Driven Collaboration At Sargent & Lundy

18-Apr-2017 | Roger Noia

Sargent & Lundy has seen firsthand the value of nurturing a legacy of knowledge sharing for future generations of workers. Starting with the co-founders’ decision to pull together their collecti

SunPower: Energizing Employees With Self-Service Access To Information [VIDEO]

27-Feb-2017 | Roger Noia

Digital technology, especially mobile devices, has made it simple to exchange information across businesses. From the first email check to the final power down, employees are consuming all kinds of da

Business Transformation Reveals Missing Link In Employee Engagement [VIDEO]

21-Feb-2017 | Roger Noia

With only 15% of employees engaged worldwide, many business leaders react in one of three ways. Some deny the trend by relying on survey results to “prove” that disengagement does not exist in the

3 Reasons You Should Support Your Distributed Workforce With Mobile Learning

15-Dec-2016 | Roger Noia

Technological advancements such as smartphones, tablets, and wearable devices have changed the nature of work. The average employee is no longer confined to his or her desk for eight hours a day. M

Retail Is Detail: 5 Ways Social Collaboration Powers Sales Success

6-Sep-2016 | Roger Noia

Ever since the first retail storefront opened in ancient Greece, employee productivity has always been a challenge. Over time, the role of the sales associate has expanded from the role of middle pers

Social Collaboration: Building A Competitive Workforce For Tomorrow’s Digital Economy

31-Aug-2016 | Roger Noia

The fast-paced progression of our digital world has, without question, transformed the makeup of our workforce. Qualified talent is transcending international borders, allowing more people to work rem

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Is It Time To Rethink Your Company’s Intranet?

22-Aug-2016 | Roger Noia

What do you find when you peer into today’s leading companies? An informed, engaged, and motivated workforce. Your employees are the heartbeat of your organization. If your company isn’t making

Social Collaboration: The CHRO’s Secret Weapon

29-Feb-2016 | Roger Noia

Workplace collaboration is nothing new. For as long as companies have existed, employees have worked together to achieve their strategic goals. But the way they’ve gone about it has continued to evo

3 Surprising Reasons Why Social Collaboration Should Be Part Of Your 2016 Sales Strategy

8-Feb-2016 | Roger Noia

Even though 2016 just started, it’s obvious that the digital economy is changing the world around us. And if there is one area of your business that is most affected, it’s your sales operations. F