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Rob Jonkers

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Rob Jonkers is a solution director for Higher Education & Research (HER) at SAP. He is responsible for enabling and driving the HER cloud solution portfolio.

Next-gen workforce management

Next-Gen Workforce Management For Higher Education

1-Mar-2018 | Rob Jonkers

Next-generation (next-gen) workforce management for #highered is a comprehensive way to include all activities that support a productive and successful university system. As with most industries, but

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Higher Education And Blockchain Prove A Convenient Combination

22-Dec-2017 | Rob Jonkers

In today’s day and age, the Internet is the connection point for billions of people around the globe. There is no question, the Internet is a powerful online tool for simple communication and collab

From MOOCs To YouTube: Free Digital Lessons Fuel Lifetime Learning

21-Jun-2016 | Rob Jonkers

Some commentators feel that the acronym “MOOC”—which stands for massive open online course—is an unfortunate name for a powerful higher education tool. Give the acronym a hard “C” and rep

How Online Education Helps Underserved Students

20-Apr-2016 | Rob Jonkers

Taking an online course seemed like a no-brainer to students who first learned of the option. It was inviting to be able to study from the comfort of a dorm room rather than trudging to class. Yet fe

Campus Networking Aids Learners And Administrators

6-Apr-2016 | Rob Jonkers

The Internet of Things is all around us, comprising objects from cell phones to thermostats that are connected to the Internet. We use these objects to send and receive information, and sometimes the