Robin Barrett Wilson

Robin Barrett Wilson

About Robin Barrett Wilson

Robin Barrett Wilson is an industry executive advisor, focused on the fashion industry, at SAP. Leveraging her past experience and knowledge within the fashion industry, she works closely with our customers to understand their respective businesses and growth objectives. Additionally, she is a recourse for when it comes to trends in the industry. Prior to joining the SAP team, Robin has held various roles including founding her own omnichannel, socially conscious women’s clothing brand and developing and producing her line in New York City. She also has held a wide variety of roles for well-known brands such as Victoria’s Secret, Macy’s, and VF Corp.

Make It Local: The Must-Have Consumer Experience In Retail Stores

23-Mar-2020 | Robin Barrett Wilson

While it’s far from an apocalypse, the revolution that’s happening across brick-and-mortar stores is undoubtedly shaking up their foundation. Major department stores are either closing locations o

The Retail Apocalypse That Never Was: What’s Really Next for Brick-And-Mortar Stores

16-Mar-2020 | Robin Barrett Wilson

It’s no secret that e-commerce is transforming the retail landscape as consumer preferences lean towards more digital, convenient ways of shopping. Some stores have closed, and some brands have disa

NYFW: Where Fashion And Technology Meet

1-Oct-2019 | Robin Barrett Wilson

This September, my lifelong dream of attending New York Fashion Week (NYFW) finally came true. I’ve been in the fashion industry my entire life, and my family and friends knew how excited I was. I c

Why Should Consumers Care About Sustainability?

3-Sep-2019 | Robin Barrett Wilson

“Your prices are too high.” This was the message I often received from new customers when I had my own fashion brand. As a longtime supporter of sustainability, fair wages, and safe work enviro

Recyclable Fashion Renews Legacy Brand As A Big Favorite For Industry Insiders

19-Aug-2019 | Robin Barrett Wilson

In the mind of an eight-year-old child, drawing pictures of people and creating outfits for their Barbie dolls are fun activities. But, for Eleanor Turner, founder and CEO of The Big Favorite, these p