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Rob Heuser

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Rob brings more than 20 years of mobile messaging and telecommunications insights and experiences from a variety of sales and product management roles. Currently, he leads a team in SAP Digital Interconnect's North America sales organization, creating and delivering winning mobile customer engagements to enterprise customers in the travel, banking, logistics, retail and social media industry segments. Follow him on Twitter (@robheuser_sap) or drop him an e-mail at

Finding Balance Between Mobile Usage And Personal Connections

9-Oct-2019 | Rob Heuser

Our family was lucky enough to recently spend time in Chicago, Paris, and London. Having previously been to London, I was quite familiar with the city, however it was my first trip to Paris, and I was

Now Boarding: Mobile Transforms The Travel Industry

20-Dec-2018 | Rob Heuser

There was a time when anyone making a purchase or working with customers needed to engage face-to-face, usually in a retail environment, or over the phone. Times have changed. As mobile transforms

Understanding Your Travel Customers

12-Dec-2018 | Rob Heuser

With current customer management tools, companies are able to amass an incredible amount of data about travelers’ preferences and choices, allowing them to customize their offerings to accommodate d