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Rob Hetherington

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Rob Hetherington is the Global General Manager of Financial Services Industries at SAP. He is an experienced, broad-based, general manager and consulting leader who has worked predominantly with major banks and other significant financial insitutions globally on critical strategic initiatives and IT-enabled transformation programmes.

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How Smaller Financial Services Firms Can Win With Open-Banking Disruption

20-Jun-2018 | Rob Hetherington

Inspired by the European Union’s second Payment Services Directive (PSD2), the open-banking business model is gaining an overwhelming amount of attention among the financial services community inter

Bank Digitalization: Tough Choices Lie Ahead

24-Jan-2017 | Rob Hetherington

The digitalization of banking is a transformative process. Its pace is not determined by banks but by client demand, technological innovation, and regulatory imperative. The Open Banking Initiative in

digital banking

Will Blockchain Technology Revolutionize The Banking Industry?

25-Aug-2016 | Rob Hetherington

Over the last decade, every industry has been revolutionized by technology thanks to tsunami-like forces at work in the digital economy. The effects of digitization have resulted in major changes to b

Banking Must Embrace Digital Tech’s Full Potential For Customer Engagement

25-Apr-2016 | Rob Hetherington

The banking industry is no stranger to digital technology. A short-lived online home banking service was offered in 1981 by four major New York City banks (Citibank, Chase Manhattan, Chemical Bank, an

Preventing Customer Churn With Better Data Analytics

23-Jun-2015 | Rob Hetherington

The UK insurance industry suffers the highest rate of customer churn verses other service industry segments. This is according to a report issued by Pitney Bowes and the Chartered Institute of Loss Ad