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Robert Merlo is Vice President of SAP Solution Marketing, responsible for Strategic Positioning of the Digital Supply Chain and Manufacturing Portfolio of SAP Solutions. Specifically focused on R&D and Manufacturing.

homeowner programs her internet of things enabled thermostat with her mobile device

The State Of Industry 4.0 In 2020: Smart Products

13-May-2020 | Robert Merlo

Part 3 in a series on the findings of an Industry 4.0 adoption study by The MPI Group Here, we wrap up our brief series on a recent study by The MPI Group that surveyed hundreds of manufacturers o

Workers on shop floor examine manufacturing equipment

The State Of Industry 4.0 In 2020: Plants And Processes

11-May-2020 | Robert Merlo

Part 2 in a series on the findings of an Industry 4.0 adoption study by The MPI Group The previous blog in this series looked at the overall findings of a recent study by The MPI Group that surveye

Industry 4.0 in action as an automated machine helps build product on a manufacturing floor

The State Of Industry 4.0 In 2020

7-May-2020 | Robert Merlo

Part 1 in a series on the findings of an Industry 4.0 adoption study by The MPI Group It was in 2011 at Hannover Messe that the German government first announced a new initiative to digitize manufa

R&D engineers use a 3D printing to test on site on demand manufacturing

Add Muscle And Flexibility To Your Manufacturing Operations With 3D Printing

31-Oct-2019 | Robert Merlo

Part 3 of a 3-part "Manufacturing Fitness" series Concluding our series on manufacturing fitness, we now turn our attention to 3D printing – the process of physically manufacturing a product dire

Couple running on foggy autumn morning

Use Robots To Improve Your Manufacturing Fitness

29-Oct-2019 | Robert Merlo

Part 2 of a 3-part "Manufacturing Fitness" series In the previous blog in this series, we used the human body as an analogy to talk about the idea of manufacturing fitness – where the manufacturi

Executive hovers over the ground supporting himself with two tables

How To Get Your ‘Business Body’ In Shape

17-Oct-2019 | Robert Merlo

Part 1 of a 3-part "Manufacturing Fitness" series Any business that makes and delivers physical products can be likened to the human body. At the heart of the business is its manufacturing operatio

manufacturing, personalization, lot of one, smart factory, intelligent enterprise

Smart Factories Mean Sweet Dreams For Customers And Manufacturers

28-Feb-2019 | Robert Merlo

Part 6 in the “Digital Manufacturing Series” Customers have a dream: personalized products that meet their unique specifications. Cars with custom paint jobs that stand out on the road. Snea

cloud, manufacturing, hybrid cloud, digital manufacturing, supply chain

Hesitant No More: Why Manufacturing Leaders Are Moving To The Cloud

11-Feb-2019 | Robert Merlo

Manufacturing, like all industries, is closely watching a series of dynamic and global changes that could shift the market in new and unexpected ways. From the emergence of cross-industry competitors

IoT, Internet of Things, smart products, sensors, manufacturer

The Brilliance Of Building Smart Products

8-Jan-2019 | Robert Merlo

Part 5 in the "Digital Manufacturing Series" Finding a competitive edge isn’t easy. Companies search high and low for fresh ways to differentiate their businesses – to push their organizations

manufacturing, supply chain, engineering, personalization, individualization, 3D printing, digital twins

Adopting A New Manufacturing Mindset: Serving Customers In The Individualization Era

28-Nov-2018 | Robert Merlo

Part 3 in the series “Digital Manufacturing" The first time a colleague mentioned mass customization to me, I thought they were nuts. You mean to tell me that a single production line can produce