Robert Cordray

Early Adoption Of Strategic HR Solutions In 2016

9-Feb-2016 | Robert Cordray

HR departments often bear the brunt of unfair criticism during difficult economic times. However, as businesses  stabilize, business leaders once again realize the benefits of strategic HR solutions.

Why Your Company Needs To Consider Adopting Proprietary Tech

31-Dec-2015 | Robert Cordray

Proprietary technology was once predominantly associated with technology startups and SaaS companies. Recently, there has been a significant uptick in the use of proprietary tech by businesses that we

8 Actionable Takeaways From The HR Tech World 2015 Paris

29-Dec-2015 | Robert Cordray

The HR Tech World Congress, loaded with 3,500 delegates for two days, recently took place in Paris. Hosted in Palais de Congress, the aim of the meeting was to align HR Tech World with the demands of

Why Every Hire Should Be A Leadership Hire

23-Oct-2015 | Robert Cordray

Many leadership qualities are apparent right from the first interview. If your candidate is articulate, shows evidence of being a good networker, displays critical thinking ability, and looks the part

iOS 9: What It Means For Businesses

16-Oct-2015 | Robert Cordray

The buzz surrounding an update from Apple can be immense, with experts all over the world waiting to hear what the tech giant has planned. This was certainly the scene when Apple unleashed iOS 9 t

Google Update Refresher: How They Influence Your Business

8-Oct-2015 | Robert Cordray

What do pandas, penguins, and hummingbirds all have in common? Not much, unless you happen to be familiar with the ongoing history of updates to Google’s search algorithms. If you are, then you know

Uber’s Big Data Effect On The Taxi And Transportation Industry

10-Sep-2015 | Robert Cordray

Whenever a disruptive force enters an existing marketplace, chaos and confusion are sure to be present. That certainly seems to be the case when it comes to Uber, as experts and analysts try to measur

6 Ways Insurance Companies Can Tap The Power Of Big Data

13-Aug-2015 | Robert Cordray

Big Data is transforming the business world. With access to unprecedented amounts of information on consumer behavior, companies have almost limitless possibilities for refining products and services.

5 Ways Companies Are Using Big Data Correctly

4-Aug-2015 | Robert Cordray

Big Data is not a new concept, although the term might be relatively new.  In simple terms, Big Data refers to information that is useless if it is unused but priceless once it has been correctly ana

What Autonomous Cars Mean For Insurance Companies

23-Jul-2015 | Robert Cordray

Silicon Valley thrives on being disruptive. So far, these startups have taken down the music industry, the movie rental business, and the print news industry. Now, they are in the process of changing