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Rob Enslin

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Robert Enslin is a member of the SAP Executive Board and president of Global Customer Operations. He oversees sales and operations, SAP’s industry and cloud go-to-market modeling and execution, line of business solution management, and private equity. Previously, he was president of SAP North America as well as COO and executive vice president of Fast Growth Markets. He also served as chairman of SAP’s Fast Growth Markets Board and interim president and CEO for SAP Latin America. Prior to his global positions, he was president and CEO of SAP Japan; senior vice president and general manager of the Northeast region in North America; and held various roles in South Africa. Before joining SAP, Robert spent 11 years in various roles in the IT industry.

Smart Investments Create Smart Cities

25-Jan-2017 | Rob Enslin

As I speak with customers around the world, our conversations often turn to the rise of technology companies. Not your traditional Google, Apple, IBM, and even SAP-type technology companies, but the A

Driving Results Through Diversity

4-Aug-2016 | Rob Enslin

Today’s digital world requires a new way of thinking, new capabilities, and faster execution. Most importantly, companies need a workforce that is all-in. They need a workforce that can deliver on t

Fallout From The Brexit: How Will It Impact You?

27-Jul-2016 | Rob Enslin

The outcome of the Brexit referendum took the whole world by surprise. It was clear that the financial markets were not prepared. The global markets were pummeled, wiping out around US$4 trillion i

Run Live Or Come In A Close Second

18-Mar-2016 | Rob Enslin

For those in business, the start of the year provides an opportunity to define the goals that will represent success. Those could be personal or professional but at the corporate level, it’s the goa

create the world you want to live in

Preparing Today’s Digital Disruptors To Be Tomorrow’s Leaders

23-Feb-2016 | Rob Enslin

Today’s youth are the digitally native, socially responsible men and women of the millennial generation which, according to a Deloitte human capital trends report, will constitute 75% of the workfor

Skating To Where The Customer Will Be

18-Feb-2016 | Rob Enslin

Business has embraced world famous hockey player Wayne Gretzky’s quote, “A good hockey player plays where the puck is. A great hockey player plays where the puck is going to be.” In a digital wo

When In Rome

4-Dec-2015 | Rob Enslin

Recently, I joined about 800 of our HR customers at SuccessConnect in Rome. I thought it was apropos that from the birth city of modern day essentials like newspapers, roads, highways, and the 365-day