Rinse Tamsma

Rinse Tamsma

About Rinse Tamsma

Rinse Tamsma is the Managing Director for SAP The Netherlands. Rinse has served in many leadership roles across SAP, including Global COO for the Large Corporate and Small and Midsize Business Segments, Senior Vice President of General Business in the Middle and Eastern Europe (MEE) Region and Vice President of Global Sales for SAP Business One.

Executive Digital Exchange 2019

Learning To Think Exponentially At EDX19NL

30-Apr-2019 | Rinse Tamsma

How can you take off with exponential thinking? That was the central question during the Executive Digital Exchange, an event that took place in Amsterdam on April 16th and 17th. During two inspiratio

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The Innovation Paradox

30-Aug-2016 | Rinse Tamsma

I’ve been thinking about innovation adoption and how it relates to different cultures. I work with companies in western European countries such as Austria, Germany, and Switzerland, central European

How Small And Midsize Businesses Are Closing The Digital Gap In Middle And Eastern Europe

7-Jul-2016 | Rinse Tamsma

Part 5 of “The Road to Live Business” series When it comes to digital adoption, readiness, and maturity, many regions rise to the top. The United States and Western Europe are considered the ce

The Promise Of Technology: How Small And Midsize Businesses Adopt It And Transform With It

3-May-2016 | Rinse Tamsma

Part 7 of the “Thriving in the Digital Economy” series The lure of technology is its promise to make everything in our lives better. But for small and midsize businesses, digital adoption can b