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Rick Price is an Emmy Award-winning journalist who now works at SAP, where he tells stories of customers' digital transformation.

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Air Cover For The Endangered

20-Mar-2018 | Rick Price

David Allen sits in a semi-dark trailer, eyes on a computer screen. He is scanning an image from an aerial drone skimming the treetops at the Dinokeng Game Reserve in South Africa. It is searching for

Making The World A Better Place Through Procurement

27-Nov-2017 | Rick Price

Some companies approach supplier risk as a negative – playing defense against a contractor’s inappropriate, illegal, or corrupt practices that could wreck their reputation and bottom line. You cou

Dulux: Moving Beyond EDI

30-Oct-2017 | Rick Price

As businesses take their first steps away from paper procure and payment, many are asking whether those first steps are enough. Australia’s leading paint and coatings company, DuluxGroup, is making

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Muru Walks A Pathway To The Future

24-Oct-2017 | Rick Price

When you think about office supplies, you probably think about things like the reams of paper it takes to get business done. But to Indigenous communities in Australia, that paper is a pathway to equa

How Small Businesses Feel About Growth

18-May-2016 | Rick Price

This is the last blog in a series on growth. In his book Seeing the Big Picture, entrepreneur and author Kevin Cope identifies the five drivers of business: cash, profit, assets, people…and grow

small business growth

5 Ideas To Grow Your Small Business

10-May-2016 | Rick Price

This is the first blog in a series on growth. Kevin Cope’s bestseller “Seeing the Big Picture” is a fast course in business acumen. In it, Cope calls growth “one of the five key drivers