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Rick Knowles is senior vice president (SVP) and general manager (GM) of the partnership between SAP SE and Apple, Inc. In this role, he oversees the strategic roadmap in building state-of-the-art applications for some of the most complex business systems in the world. Rick has been with SAP for close to 20 years, where he has held executive positions such as SVP and chief of staff, GM of One Customer Experience, and SVP and chief operating officer for SAP Americas, the company’s largest geographic market. You can follow him on Twitter @RickKnowlesSAP.

project management

3 Simple Ways To Ensure Project Success

10-May-2017 | Rick Knowles

In today’s digital economy, organizations must rely on their ability to execute plans and projects quickly and accurately. No matter what industry you’re in, project management and execution need

Cheerful creative business colleagues sitting at conference table while looking away in board room

Simplify Your Digital Transformation: Go Mobile

3-Apr-2017 | Rick Knowles

Most companies are going through significant transformation as digital technology sweeps through multiple industries worldwide. Sometimes the complexity of change in the enterprise can be overwhelming

Business people talking in office

Millennials: How To Engage Them In The Enterprise

1-Mar-2017 | Rick Knowles

In today’s digital economy, do you struggle to retain millennial employees? Millennials, those young professionals aged around 20 to 35, now outnumber baby boomers in the workforce. A recent Fo

Shot of a businessman working at his computer in an office

What’s The Future Of IoT And Mobility?

20-Feb-2017 | Rick Knowles

Digital transformation is clearly essential to companies' future success, as businesses that manage the digital transformation process well are already seeing higher growth, profit, and employee engag

Going Mobile: It’s All About Empathy

7-Feb-2017 | Rick Knowles

Do you ever get frustrated with technology at work? Whether you’re a corporate executive, a manager, or an employee, it may seem like archaic backend systems and complex processes make your job s

Colleagues review data on the production floor

Forget The Back End – Focus On The User

30-Jan-2017 | Rick Knowles

Just because your business has always been done a certain way doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best way to do it. The digital era is urging many business leaders to rethink the way they operate,

mobile apps, customer experience

Bringing The Customer Experience Into The Enterprise

23-Jan-2017 | Rick Knowles

Digital is more than just a technology; it’s a new way of operating your business. In order for your company to reach its full potential, you need leaders who see the broader picture through a digit