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Richard Whittington

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Richard Whittington is Senior Vice President of Media and Entertainment for the Industry Cloud Solutions organization at SAP. He is responsible for industry strategic direction, oversees the global media business of SAP, and leads go-to-market activities. His is particular focused currently on using Big Data to enrich the media consumers’ engagement with brands.

Goodwill Streaming: Media Businesses With A Heart

20-Apr-2020 | Richard Whittington

When most of the world is asked to stay home and money is tight, keeping ourselves entertained can be quite a conundrum. Luckily, many streaming services are saving the moment with free content. They

Rights, Royalties, And The Data That Can Save Periodical Publishers

13-Apr-2020 | Richard Whittington

In a world that believes content should be free, the push and pull between creating quality content and making money are deeply contentious. How can print and digital periodical publishers prove that

The Truth About Rights And Royalties: What Publishers Need To Know Now

6-Apr-2020 | Richard Whittington

Literary publishing encompasses a broad landscape these days. It swings from the tradition of producing hardcovers, paperbacks, and textbooks to e-books and audiobooks. Although their services have ev

Rights And Royalty Management: Taming The Digital Supply Chain Headache For Record Labels

30-Mar-2020 | Richard Whittington

After years of decline, the music industry is experiencing the “good old days” again, thanks to the streaming services that are fueling it. But such growth comes at a cost: supply chain complexity

Rights Data Tips The Streaming War In Favor Of Content Owners

23-Mar-2020 | Richard Whittington

Rights management data – it's not just about tracking permissions and monitoring revenue anymore. With the right predictive technology, television content owners will soon turn that intelligence int

How Data Can Settle The Debate Over Music Ownership, Rights, And Royalties

16-Mar-2020 | Richard Whittington

For years, music creators, publishers, labels, and technology companies have been locked in bitter disputes over ownership and control, covering everything from beat lines and lyrics to master recordi

Rights And Royalty Management: The Intersection Of Data And Movie Success

9-Mar-2020 | Richard Whittington

From studio consolidation to growing variation of revenue streams, the film entertainment industry is far from the traditional beeline between theatrical releases and revenue. If studios can get a han