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Richard Mooney

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Richard is the lead product manager for the Predictive Analytics Product Portfolio including Predictive Analytics, Predictive Analytics Integrator & SAP Cloud Platform predictive services. He has 18 years experience in the software industry starting off in development and transitioning to customer facing roles including Product Management, Sales & Marketing. Richard also spent 2 years working as an innovation expert using techniques like Design Thinking, ROI Analysis and Ideation to drive customer innovation and value.

Machine Learning: Is Citizen Data Science Real?

4-Sep-2017 | Richard Mooney

We hear a lot these days about the “citizen data scientist.” Everyone wants to use data science and machine learning to understand their business and automate tasks to improve efficiency. But we

The Best Predictive UI Is No UI

16-Dec-2016 | Richard Mooney

One of the most important investments our predictive team is making this year is rebuilding our user interface (UI) to take advantage of modern platforms such as SAP Fiori. This is really important—

Predictive Analytics And The Segment Of One

20-Apr-2016 | Richard Mooney

One area that companies are investing heavily in is providing an “extreme customer experience” to the “segment of one.”  What does this mean for analytics? Traditionally, large enterprises

Why Invest In Predictive Analytics?

15-Feb-2016 | Richard Mooney

It’s that time of year again. Spring is in the air, the evenings are lengthening, and CIOs and CMOs are looking at their budgets and working out which projects they should invest in in 2016. There i

The Rise Of Exploratory Analytics

21-Oct-2015 | Richard Mooney

This blog is the first in a three-part series about exploratory analytics. Not long ago, analytics was viewed as a technology for data experts – analysts and data scientists. Data analysts used d