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Richard Howells is a Vice President at SAP responsible for the positioning, messaging, AR , PR and go-to market activities for the SAP Supply Chain solutions.

The Supply Chain Goes Digital: Opportunities And Challenges

9-May-2016 | Richard Howells

Digital supply chain disruption is in full swing. Today’s hottest companies – Uber, AirBnb, Netflix, and Alibaba – are all service providers that own no actual inventory. Major logistics provide

Omnichannel Leaders Widen The Gap Through Customer-Centricity

6-May-2016 | Richard Howells

In a recent blog – Creating A Customer-Centric Supply Chain – we discussed how customers becoming more informed, connected, and demanding is inspiring businesses to make their processes and suppor

Creating A Customer-Centric Supply Chain

19-Apr-2016 | Richard Howells

What is a “customer-centric” supply chain? Over the past couple of years, global markets have experienced dramatic shifts on two dimensions: geographically and demographically. In the first pa

Making It Personal With Individualized Products

3-Mar-2016 | Richard Howells

Personalized solutions and products are everywhere. You can design your own sneakers, customize your own drinks in vending machines, configure cars and motorbikes, and print your own personalized choc

China Slowdown, Cheap Oil, And Analyzing Demand Signals

11-Feb-2016 | Richard Howells

Savvy manufacturing executives saw these eventualities coming, but investors and the news media appear to have been blindsided by the slowdown of the Chinese economy and plunging oil and natural gas p

How To Avoid A Personal And Supply Chain Massacre This Valentine’s Day

9-Feb-2016 | Richard Howells

The Saint Valentine’s Day Massacre is the name given to the 1929 murder of seven mob associates as part of a Prohibition-era conflict between two powerful criminal gangs in Chicago led by Al Capone

Snowstorms, Supply, And Demand

22-Jan-2016 | Richard Howells

As I watch the local weather reports about the nor’easter heading up the East Coast this weekend, it is quickly followed by news reports about shortages: bread shortages, water shortages, snow shove

Top 3 Drivers Of Supply Chain Transformation

20-Jan-2016 | Richard Howells

Manufacturing supply chains are experiencing levels of change heretofore unprecedented in their history, according to a recent IDC Manufacturing Insights white paper titled “The Extended Supply Chai

How High Will Your Supply Chain Jump To Build Customer Centric Business Processes?

18-Jan-2016 | Richard Howells

The 21st century consumer is always on, always connected, and doesn’t make a move without consulting the Internet. The millennial generation is emerging as a major demand driver, with access to huge

Where Are The Use Cases For IoT In Your Operations?

3-Jul-2015 | Richard Howells

I previously discussed some of the business benefits that have been identified by business executives in a recently conducted survey. Here I will focus on some of the uses cases being deployed and co