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Richard Howells is a Vice President at SAP responsible for the positioning, messaging, AR , PR and go-to market activities for the SAP Supply Chain solutions.

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Hopping Down The Bunny Trail: From Easter Tradition To The Digital Supply Chain

28-Mar-2018 | Richard Howells

Easter’s coming – and here in the United States, if you go out in public right about now, you’ll see Easter bunnies everywhere. It’s tradition. But where did this tradition come from? Accor

Everybody’s Irish On St. Patrick’s Day – But Which Companies Will Win The Day? 

15-Mar-2018 | Richard Howells

As my wife is Irish, I have kissed the Blarney Stone, and I live near Boston, I consider myself an honoree Irishman on St. Patrick’s Day. In fact, most cities in the United States make a great effor

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The Digital Twin Of Me

28-Feb-2018 | Richard Howells

I googled myself recently. While this may sound like an illicit activity, I assure you it’s perfectly legal – in most of the world, at least. As it turns out, there are 33 people named Richard

How A Digital Supply Chain Is At The Heart Of A Happy Valentine’s Day

6-Feb-2018 | Richard Howells

Cupid gets a lot of credit for helping people fall in love. But after his arrow flies, the tiny winged cherub is out of the picture. From that point forward, it’s up to the couple to stay smitten wi

McLaren Automotive: Racing Ahead With Real-Time Connected Intelligence

26-Jun-2017 | Richard Howells

McLaren Automotive’s entry-level 570S Coupé packs 562 horsepower that rockets the car from 0 to 60 mph in 2.9 seconds. But that’s nothing compared with the speed of the company’s real-time conn