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Richard Howells is a Vice President at SAP responsible for the positioning, messaging, AR , PR and go-to market activities for the SAP Supply Chain solutions.

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The Digital Supply Chain: Business Enabler For The Digital Economy

23-Nov-2018 | Richard Howells

Part 3 in the three-part series “From Old to New with the Digital Supply Chain” Today we’re in the eye of an innovation storm – the result of two strong fronts coming together. One front

digital supply chain, supply chain, IoT, machine learning, visibility

Track It And Analyze It: Total Visibility And The Digital Supply Chain

21-Nov-2018 | Richard Howells

Part 2 in the 3-part “From Old to New with the Digital Supply Chain” series I was thinking recently about the old adage attributed to Peter Drucker: “If you can’t measure it, you can’t im

Putting The Customer At The Center Of Your Supply Chain

19-Nov-2018 | Richard Howells

Part 1 in the 3-part “From Old to New with the Digital Supply Chain” series Regardless of industry, geography, or size, companies in today’s global economy have one thing in common: To win t

Thanksgiving 2018 And The Digital Supply Chain

15-Nov-2018 | Richard Howells

On the last Thursday in November, families throughout the U.S. will be sitting down to a traditional feast of turkey with all the trimmings. Yes, it’s Thanksgiving Day again – and while the holida

Don’t Get Spooked: Halloween And The Digital Supply Chain

25-Oct-2018 | Richard Howells

Halloween 2018 is upon us, and here in the US – where Halloween is the world’s most commercial – supply chains have long ago swung into gear. Retailers' anticipation of another strong year is sk

Digital Twins Ensure Your Best-Laid Supply Chain Plans Never Go Awry

30-Aug-2018 | Richard Howells

This is the sixth and last blog in the "Network of Digital Twins" series. We plan in a perfect world, but we execute in the real world. And in the real world, as they say in America, “shit ha

Something’s Afoot In Manufacturing: Delivering Individualization With Digital Twins

9-Aug-2018 | Richard Howells

This is the third blog in our Network of Digital Twins series. Check out our previous post to learn how digital twins can significantly improve R&D. Sneakerheads are people who’d do anything

Thought Leader Round Table: Three Experts Discuss Digital Twins

31-Jul-2018 | Richard Howells

Digital twins are on everyone’s mind these days. And it’s no wonder, considering the widespread benefits they provide. These digital representations allow businesses to evaluate the real-time w

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The Rise Of The Digital Twin

27-Jun-2018 | Richard Howells

A recent infographic published by IDC highlights the importance of digital transformation and the need for companies to enable a network of digital twins to stay competitive. A revolution is underw

digital twins, internet of things, sensors, manufacturing

Network of Digital Twins = Connectivity + Communication + Collaboration

7-Jun-2018 | Richard Howells

In a recent blog, Demystifying Digital Twins: Your Top 5 Questions Answered, Thomas Ohnemus described the digital twin as “a virtual representation of a real-life physical product. It could be a car