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Richard Howells is a Vice President at SAP responsible for the positioning, messaging, AR , PR and go-to market activities for the SAP Supply Chain solutions.

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Step-By-Step Fit For The Digital Future

2-Dec-2019 | Richard Howells

The pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry must ensure process security, comply with strict global regulations, and quickly react to new market requirements. This is a challenging conundrum. Thi

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Digital Business Planning For Telecom And Utilities

25-Nov-2019 | Richard Howells

Why is there a baby boom nine months after a power outage? There’s not much else for humans to do when robbed of their phones and computers! But beyond a welcome excuse for canoodling, the loss of t

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This Holiday Season, Be Thankful For A Great Customer Experience

21-Nov-2019 | Richard Howells

Is it just me or has Black Friday turned into Black November? Before the pumpkins rotted, before Halloween candy was devoured, before the ghosts and ghouls were put back in the attic, we were alrea

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Counterfeit Drugs: A Bitter Pill To Swallow

7-Nov-2019 | Richard Howells

An estimated $200 billion of counterfeit drugs go on the market annually. That makes it the largest fraud market in the world. Not too surprisingly, in third-world countries, the proportion of counte

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I Can See Clearly Now: Integrated Business Planning In The Cloud For Midsize Companies

4-Nov-2019 | Richard Howells

I was in the airport last week when somewhere in the background I could hear a song I hadn’t heard in years: I Can See Clearly Now by Johnny Nash. I’ve been humming it for days. Here’s what J

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What Is The Amazon (Fire) Effect On Our Environment And Businesses?

10-Sep-2019 | Richard Howells

Every time I click on the news, I see a new report on the fires in the Amazon. This is not a new phenomenon this year, since July and August are the beginning of the dry season. However, the sheer vol

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How To Feed 10 Billion People – The Supply Chain Challenge Of The Future

13-Aug-2019 | Richard Howells

The world’s population didn’t hit 1 billion until 1804. It wasn’t until 1927 that the 2 billionth person was born.  However, it only took 33 more years to reach 3 billion people, in 1960. Today

A 5-year old girl, wearing a purple dress, carries a plastic bottle of water, in a small village in the southern district of Nsanje, Malawi, during the drought of 2016.

Thinking Outside The Bottle To Drive A Sustainable Future

18-Jul-2019 | Richard Howells

The tide of devastation from single-use plastics polluting our oceans is now at an all-time high. Approximately 8 million metric tons of plastic are added to our oceans every day. Long ago, islands of

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Alexa, Set A Reminder: Amazon Prime Day Is July 15-16

8-Jul-2019 | Richard Howells

Most people are familiar with Black Friday and Cyber Monday, which mark the unofficial start to the holiday season. But in 2015, Amazon shook things up and created a “Christmas in July” with its b

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What Businesses Can Learn From Ariana Grande

1-Jul-2019 | Richard Howells

I hear you thinking, “What has Ariana Grande got to do with business processes?” Stick with me, and I will tell you. I was listening to the radio in the car the other day when I heard “I see