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A woman drops her ballot during the presidential election at LA County Registrar Office in Norwalk

For Election Data Experts, A Stunning Conclusion 

10-Nov-2016 | Reuters Content Solutions

For those charged with analyzing polling and turnout data to predict the outcome of the 2016 U.S. election, the question now is, “How did we get this so wrong?” Following the election of Donald

big data reality check in voting

In Election Outcome, Data Looms Large

8-Nov-2016 | Reuters Content Solutions

The merging of new-school data tactics with old-school campaigning will decide the 2016 presidential election, says “Dean of Big Data” expert and author Bill Schmarzo. Eight years after candida

smartphone poll

Poll: Smartphones Could Boost Voter Turnout

7-Nov-2016 | Reuters Content Solutions

Smartphone voting might be just the motivation many Americans – especially millennials – need to participate in elections, according to a new Ipsos poll conducted by Reuters Solutions for SAP. Mo

election night central

Election Night Coverage Gets Out Of Comfort Zone

27-Oct-2016 | Reuters Content Solutions

As the race between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton reaches the finish line after 16 months of saturation coverage, media organizations are reimagining how to cover election night – using Facebook

Smartphone Voting: Coming Soon To A Campaign Near You? [VIDEO]

21-Oct-2016 | Reuters Content Solutions

In an age when the vast majority of Americans can bank, shop, and access a dizzying array of other services with a simple swipe on their smartphones, casting ballots on paper or bulky machines seems l

The Art Of The Database: How To Mine For Data For Your Reporting

5-Oct-2016 | Reuters Content Solutions

There is a wealth of data out there that can enrich journalists’ stories, but it can be hidden treasure – and unearthing it may take longer than the typical news cycle allows. During this volat

Three Experts Pick The Best Tools For Data Journalists

5-Oct-2016 | Reuters Content Solutions

Data stories are usually big stories – in terms of time, cost, and what well-crunched numbers have the potential to reveal. Because the stakes are high, it’s important that reporters acquire the b

The mascots of the Democratic and Republican parties, a donkey for the Democrats and an elephant for the GOP, are seen on a video screen at Democratic U.S. presidential candidate Hillary Clinton's campaign rally in Cleveland, Ohio March 8, 2016. REUTERS/Carlos Barria - RTS9X6Q

How Access To Voter Data Fuels Campaigns’ Drive To Win Your Vote

22-Sep-2016 | Reuters Content Solutions

Running for elective office is about building an organization to promote the candidate’s views. It’s about attracting professionals and volunteers to make calls and knock on doors. It’s about ra

One Platform Has Already Won The 2016 Elections: Mobile

19-Aug-2016 | Reuters Content Solutions

When Barack Obama ran for president in 2008, Scott Goodstein made sure the Obama for America campaign was the first to have its own mobile app, text-messaging program and ringtone-and-wallpaper market