Regina Kunkle

Regina Kunkle

About Regina Kunkle

Regina Kunkle is responsible for the State and Local/Higher Education (SLED), as sub-industry of the U.S. public sector industry, at SAP. Regina is dedicated to helping governments transform to respond to changing regulations and citizen needs, streamline and simplify processes, and share vital information across agencies for enhanced decision making and performance.

Technology In The Public Sector: Possibilities And Challenges

16-May-2018 | Regina Kunkle

The governments of nations around the world have responsibilities to their citizens. For example, they need to encourage economic growth, keep their citizens safe, and provide public services. Yet gov

Data Hubs, Digital Tools Power Dynamic Change For Government Agencies

10-Jun-2016 | Regina Kunkle

Too often, government organizations are organized in silos. Departments and agencies have their own processes, organizing systems, and measurements. This creates significant inefficiencies. When ag

Three Ways The Internet Of Things Can Improve Citizens’ Lives

9-Jun-2016 | Regina Kunkle

As digital business expands, governments are using technology improvements to create better cities. The Internet of Things (IoT) has created great opportunities for cities to become more livable. As