Dr. Ravi Prakash Mathur

Dr. Ravi Prakash Mathur

About Dr. Ravi Prakash Mathur

Dr. Ravi Prakash Mathur is Senior Director of Supply Chain Management (SCM) and Head of Logistics and Central Planning at Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories Ltd. He heads the global logistics, central planning, and central sourcing for the pharmaceutical organization. Winner of the 2015 Top 25 Digitalist Thought Leaders of India award from SAP, Dr. Mathur is an author, coach, and supply chain professional with 23 years of experience and is based in Hyderabad. He is also actively involved in academic activities and is an internal trainer for DRL for negotiation skills and SCM. In 2014, he co-authored the book “Quality Assurance in Pharmaceuticals & Operations Management and Industrial Safety” for Dr. B. R. Ambedkar University, Hyderabad. He is also member of The Departmental Visiting Committee (DVC) for Department of Biotechnology, Motilal Nehru National Institute of Technology (MNNIT) Allahabad. Professional recognitions include a citation from World Bank and International Finance Corporation for his contribution to their publication “Doing Business in 2006” and the winner of the Logistics-Week Young Achiever in Supply Chain Award for 2012.

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Redefining The Business Model With Digitalization

3-Oct-2018 | Dr. Ravi Prakash Mathur

A business model needs to consider three features – first, the target customers of the business, second, the value proposition for those customers, and third, the value chain architecture. Innovati

Redefining The Business Model Through Digitalization

27-Sep-2018 | Dr. Ravi Prakash Mathur

Effective business models must include three features: the target customers of the business, the value proposition for those customers, and the value chain architecture. Innovation in technology, spec

The Intelligent Supply Chain: A Use Case For Artificial Intelligence

26-Jul-2017 | Dr. Ravi Prakash Mathur

The term artificial intelligence (AI) invokes images of robot uprisings, space missions to galaxies far, far away, and lab-created clones that make humans immortal. For years, thought-provoking talks

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Digitalization Turns Supply Chains Inside Out – And This Is Just The Beginning

27-Feb-2017 | Dr. Ravi Prakash Mathur

For generations, developments in manufacturing and IT have pushed the productivity frontier to a new level. Technology delivers not only new concepts and approaches, but also improved operational effe