Randi Purser

Randi Purser

About Randi Purser

Randi Purser is a marketing professional for the SAP Innovation Services and Solutions (ISS) business unit at SAP. A recent graduate of the University of Pittsburgh, Randi uses her creativity and passion for writing to deliver compelling social media and marketing content that showcases how ISS is making innovation real for customers.

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Co-Innovation: Staying Competitive In Business

21-Apr-2020 | Randi Purser

In today’s hyper-competitive business environment where change is constant, companies are constantly seeking ways to stay competitive in the marketplace and disrupt the industries in which they oper

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Benefits Of Shifting To The Cloud

5-Sep-2019 | Randi Purser

In today’s digital economy, quickly capturing and translating data into valuable insights is an essential aspect of business. For many companies, this presents a challenge, both financially and logi